Thinking about selling your IT company in the foreseeable future? 

We tell you how – in 2 hours and free of charge.

With the M & A Readiness Check!

Thinking about selling your IT company in the foreseeable future and want to know how you would tackle such a succession planning and investor search project?

Then the M&A Readiness Check by match.IT, your professional and experienced partner at eye level, is perfect for you.

We guide you through an initial analysis and show you potential courses of M&A action for your company.

We determine potential showstoppers, as well as measures that are important for a successful sale and should be made a high priority.

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  • Two hours
  • Structured process / check list
  • Free of charge
  • On your premises or in a neutral setting
  • Alternative: web session
Benefits for you:

✔︎ Initial analysis

✔︎ Determine potential courses of M&A action for your company

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Send us your application for an M&A Readiness Check and we will send you some proposed potential dates.

Current events

Do, 27.06.2019, 11 Uhr
Praxis-Webinar: „7 Tipps zum erfolgreichen Verkauf Ihres IT-Unternehmens - der deutsche IT-Mittelstand zwischen Konsolidierungsdruck und Digitalisierungswelle"

Mi, 28.8.2019, 12.05 Uhr
Workshop mit Ralf Heib auf dem Systemhaus-Kongress CHANCEN in Düsseldorf: „M&A im Systemhaus-Markt: Erfahrungsaustausch über Erfolgsfaktoren und Show-Stopper beim Kauf und Verkauf von Systemhäusern“