Welcome to match.IT.

Are you an IT industry player?

Do you want to sell all or part of your company for the best price, merge with another, or invest in or acquire an IT company?

Or are you interested in attractive investment opportunities in the IT sector?

Then match.IT GmbH, based in Saarbrücken, is the perfect M&A partner for you on the German-speaking IT market.

We support both owners and investors throughout the entire M&A process, from strategy development to finding the best partner through to successful contract negotiations and post-merger integration.


Match.IT brings owners and investors together in the IT sector to find the perfect match.

Match.IT offers a comprehensive range of services for this “matching” process:

Company purchases (including in crisis situations), acquiring minority and majority stakes, succession arrangements, company mergers, carve-outs, and management buy-outs or buy-ins, all in a wide variety of formats.





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“match.IT – our name says it all. We bring matching company owners and investors together, as our name suggests. We have a very clear focus on the IT sector, a market where we have many years of experience. This is where we can provide our customers with huge added value.”

Ralf Heib, founder and CEO of match.IT