The M & A readiness check is the right approach when an IT entrepreneur thinks about selling his business in the foreseeable future and how he needs to tackle such a succession planning and investor search project.

With the M & A Readiness Check by match.IT you can conduct a first assessment with a professional and experienced partner at eye level. The possible M & A options for the company are shown.

At the same time Match.IT works with the customer to determine possible showstoppers, as well as the measures hat are important for a successful sale and should be made a high priority.

Implementation of M & A Readiness Check by match.IT with Managing Director Ralf Heib:

  • 2 hours
  • Structured procedure / check list
  • free of charge
  • On your premises or in a neutral setting
  • Alternative: Web session

The benefit for customers:

  • Initial analysis
  • Determine potential courses of M&A action for your company


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