If there is a successful recipe for successful transactions, then it is experience drawn from wealth of transactions already completed. Match.IT offers a unique combination of comprehensive expertise. This includes relevant M&A experience and in-depth knowledge of IT sectors (software companies, IT consulting companies, IT system houses, SAP solution partners, and outsourcing and cloud service providers). You can rely on the wide-ranging, long-standing management and project experience offered by match.IT’s team, as well as on its broad international network in this market sector. This is paired with excellent trustworthy contacts with international investors, cultivated over many years.

The experts at match.IT are familiar with all of the activities and processes involved in M&A transactions. You can rely on our consultants, down to the very last detail. Match.IT has therefore organized every phase of M&A transactions into its very own procedural model.


This M&A loop is the guiding principle for preparing and implementing all our M&A transactions in the IT sector.

“Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.” Match.IT’s activities and services are designed to achieve a consistently perfect balance between company value and purchase price. Match.IT’s M&A experts know that it is the company value to be achieved and maintained that forms the focus of all M&A transactions. Match.IT’s strength lies in the fact that our team has a very precise knowledge of the particular value drivers for IT market companies, ensuring that you will be one of the winners once the match is over.




Overview of the benefits for owners and investors


We focus on the “match”, in other words the strategic fit, as the absolute basis for a successful transaction.


Our activities and services are designed to achieve a consistently perfect balance between company value and purchase price.


We strive to achieve a sustainable solution for you that will safeguard the corporate value involved in the transaction for the long term.


We know that the success of M&A transactions in the IT sector is highly dependent on the employees involved.




“match.IT – our name says it all. We bring matching company owners and investors together, as our name suggests. We have a very clear focus on the IT sector, a market where we have many years of experience. This is where we can provide our customers with huge added value.”

Ralf Heib, founder and CEO of match.IT