You are planning the sale of your IT company and would now like to set up a concrete project.

Then it makes sense to first of all understand the essential cornerstones of your M & A strategy.

With our M & A Strategy Workshop, we will bring your M & A project safely on the rails!

Especially if you have several shareholders, this workshop will help you to find common ground.

We work together with you to address the following questions:
  • How can we shape our company sustainably for the future?
  • What are our options for action and how can we evaluate them?
  • How do we need to prepare for a company sale?
  • What is a realistic asking price and what factors affect the valuation?
  • How can we find a suitable strategic partner/investor?
  • How do we proceed and what is the timetable likely to be?

1. Aim of workshop / participants’ expectations


2. Success factors in looking for IT investors

  • Current challenges for IT SMEs
  • Motivation to act from the perspective of investors and company owners
  • Success factors in finding investors

3. Actual situation of your company

  • Business model and business development
  • Expectations of business shareholders
  • Framework for company evaluation
  • Areas of activity

4. Strategic options for action for your company

  • Joint derivation and evaluation of scenarios
  • Potential investor types and specific examples

5. Organizing the process of finding investors

  • Procedural model for finding investors
  • Project phases / tasks / responsibilities
  • Milestones / timetable
  • Initial rough timetable for your project

6. Next steps

  • Day workshop
  • On customer’s premises or at a neutral location
  • Workshop price including preparation and follow-up: 1500 euros plus VAT
  • If you contract match.IT to find for you an investor within the next six months, 50% of the price of the workshop will be deducted from your first project support invoice.
We are also happy to organize an M&A strategy workshop for investors who are planning and preparing to acquire an IT company.



Send us your application for an M&A strategy workshop and let us know a few possible date suggestions from your side.